Wood-stock.info is a journal about the ongoing development of the WOOD STOCK building system.
It is also a loose collection of notes, thoughts and ideas connected to the field of timber building and particularly solid timber building.

The journal is maintained by architect (and self appointed treehugger) Kim Dalgaard, of tegnestuen Vandkunsten.
kim dalgaard

As architect Michael Green points out, wood is the most intelligent building material we know of. Wood is light, flexible, highly efficient, easy to manipulate and disassemble. It is soft and warm to the touch and it binds carbon and stores energy from the sun.
Due to huge technological advances in wood construction products, and changes to building codes throughout the world, it is now possible to build highrise buildings out of wood.
Concerns with climate change and ressource consumption in a finite world, points to wood as a primary building material of the future.

The WOOD STOCK project is a building system for 3-8 story buildings, and is currently (july 2015) being developed by tegnestuen Vandkunsten and Moe AS.
The primary concern of the building system is 'design for deconstruction' and use of unpolluted (unpainted) and minimally treated materials, as a means for better interior climate, and better overall lifecycle performance of the buildings.
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